O'Connor's provides Test and Measurement (T&M) instruments for the telecommunication and electrical power systems from well-known manufacturers.

Including some of whom have gained the trust of millions of customers worldwide. O'Connor's offers solutions for High Speed Broadband Test, Electrical Power Test System, Time & Frequency Synchronization Solutions, Electronics & Electrical Test Instruments and Sound & Vibration Test Instruments.

Satisfied repeat customers include those from telcos, utility providers, research bodies, education sectors, and telco & utility contractors.

Today O'Connor's has an added edge in the industry. We are widely known for outstanding professional services, particularly for our post sales services and training.

Our initiatives to minimize down time include:
• 24/7 customer care
• preventive maintenance and systems health checks
• remote diagnostic capabilities
• component level repair centers and more

  • High Speed Broadband Test

    40G/100G High Speed Ethernet test solution. Spirent covers test requirements from Layer 1 to Layer 7. Continuing on the path of innovation and leadership in Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethrnet, Spirent provides high efficient, high-density test solutions for 40/100G Ethernet systems and services.

  • Electrical Power Test System

    We represent Megger Group, one of the premier providers of electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications.

  • Time & Frequency Synchronization Solutions

    Symmetricom's GPS & Time Code Instrumentation provide the precise time and frequency that is crucial to the operation of sophisticated communication systems. Our products, precision and expertise in GPS time and frequency generators, receivers, and other GPS related instrumentation, has been evident from the inception of GPS technology.

  • Electronics & Electrical Test Instruments

    Thurlby Thandar Instruments covers test and measurements instrument for Laboratory Power Supplies, Waveform Generators, Digital Multimeters, Component Measurement, Power Source Testing, Frequency Measurement and Power Analysis.

  • Sound & Vibration Test Instruments

    We represent RION, S & V Measuring Instruments. It covers acoustic measuring instruments . Sound level meters, measurement microphones, sound calibrators, Noise Monitoring Applications, and Vibration Meters (Piezoelectric Accelerometers / Servo Accelerometers).

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