O'Connor's communication solutions empower you to improve your customer contact experience through powerful collaboration tools.

The solutions offered include VC, IP Tel, Call Logger, IVR, CTI, Dialer, IP PBX, IP TV and Key Phones. These tools are from world-renowned manufacturers and market leaders.

Our solutions will help your workforce effortlessly increase productivity and be more flexible when it comes to engaging customers.

O'Connor's in-house experts have been customizing solutions for orgnisations of all sizes, from SMIs to multinational companies.

Today, we have an added edge in the industry as we are able to provide outstanding professional services.

24/7 customer care and several other initiatives that enables systems to be back in working order in a short time

  • Unified Communications Solutions

    Unified Communications Solutions

    O'Connor's automates and amalgamates human with communication devices in a common context and experience with Unified Communications (UC) solution.

    UC also optimizes business processes and improve human interactions by reducing latency, managing work flows and eliminating device and media dependencies.

    UC is a seamless integration of various communication services such as presence, IP telephony, unified messaging (integration of voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax), instant messaging, video collaboration, mobility solutions and speech recognition.

  • Multi Channels Contact Centre Suit

    Multi Channels Contact Centre Suit

    O'Connor's offers contact centre solutions to manage customer contact through a variety of mediums such as telephone, fax, letter, e-mail, SMS and online live chat.

    The contact centres provide a range of services to address specific customer needs in various industries, e.g. financial, utility, logistics, government agencies, etc.

    In addition, it also empowers customers to interact with a company via self-service platforms relating to their account or payments. The solution encompasses modular outbound contact centre for sales, collection and marketing activities functions using proactive outreach strategies and campaign.

      The low risk and seamlessly integrated systems includes:
    1. Voice Self Service (IVR)
    2. Automated outbound dialer
    3. Multimedia applications for email, SMS, fax, live chat, etc
    4. Workforce optimization for voice recording, quality monitoring, e-learning, etc
    5. Performance Management Reporting solution
    6. Customer Relationship Management
  • IP PBX for Big Enterprises and Key Phone for SMI/SME

    IP PBX for Big Enterprises and Key Phone for SMI/SME

    O'Connor's provides IP PBX solution; an enterprise telephony infrastructure conceived to deliver voice or video over a data or traditional voice (TDM) network and interoperates with conventional PSTN or IP trunks.

    This VoIP platform enhanced standard PBX functionality enables businesses to leverage on their managed intranet to reduce long distance costs, enjoy the benefits of a single network for voice and data as well as centralized administration. In addition, IP PBX also extends advanced CTI features, mobility attributes and increases resiliency as well as security.

  • IP Based Mobility Solution

    IP Based Mobility Solution

    O'Connor's wireless connections improves employees' productivity, even as they move through the building or across campus. The enhanced voice quality ensures that they communicate clearly and efficiently.

  • Data Communication Products

    Data Communication Products

    O'Connor's elevates customer experience to a new level of synergy between people, collaborative real-time applications and processes with our data communication solutions.

    We provide state-of-art technology to deliver reliability, performance and security for organizations to run their operations.

    Our streamlined solutions utilize and manage networking resources to convey mission critical dependability, superior return on investment and minimum total cost of ownership.

  • Professional services

    Professional services

    O'Connor's offers consulting, design, integration, and optimization services, as well as custom applications and integrations solutions.

    Our competent and experienced service team enables customers to leverage communication infrastructure investments to drive measurable key performance indicators.

    O'Connor's comprehensive end-to-end approach covers various critical milestones including strategic architectural design, integrating and implementing technologies to fulfill business expectations, operational efficiencies and specific end-user requirements.

    Leveraging from over 50 years of experience and passion in continuous improvement, O'Connor's proudly provides customers with consultation on practices in helping customers to improvise performances.

      The areas of consulting includes:
    1. Technology and Security Optimization
    2. Business Process Reengineering
    3. Project Management Strategy

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