O'Connor's has a wide range of Security & Surveillance solutions for adverse environments and challenging situations.

O'Connor's offers solutions such as CCTV Surveillance Systems, Access Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, Time Management Systems, Vehicle Management Systems and Guard Tour Systems. Our customized solutions are made up of state-of-the-art products from leading innovators in this field.

Past satisfied customers include those from the following fields: land and sea ports, integrated resorts, high risk environments establishments and hotels.

Customers will continue to use O'Connor's security and surveillance solutions for several reasons. Our experts provide some of the best solutions in the industry. With several years of expertise in this specific area, they are easily able to integrate multiple systems providing high quality easy-to- use solutions.

Today O'Connor's has an added edge in the industry. We are widely known for outstanding professional services, particularly for our post sales services and training.

Our initiatives to minimize down time include:
• 24/7 customer care
• preventive maintenance and systems health checks
• remote diagnostic capabilities
• component level repair centers and more

  • CCTV Surveillance Systems

    Clear and precise video wherever and whenever across all environment.

  • Access Systems

    Better personnel and asset control and monitoring through integrated systems.

  • Intrusion Detection Systems

    The right detector for the right application through forward thinking and circumstances anticipation.

  • Time Management Systems

    Better manage and track all personnel movement over single and multiple sites with on-line updates.

  • Vehicle Management Systems

    Control and track movements of all cars and trucks inside and outside secured compounds.

  • Guard Tour Systems

    Precise accountability of all security personnel to ensure they are where they need to be.

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