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Symmetricom®. Leading the world in precise time solutions.

 Symmetricom® is the world's leading source of highly precise timekeeping technologies, instruments and solutions. We serve communications, enterprise IT, power utilities, financial services, aerospace, defense, and national labs. In collaboration with international standards groups we help set the world's timekeeping standards.

Symmetricom provides the technology that sets the global standard for time.

IEEE 1588 PTP Solutions


IEEE 1588 (also known as Precision Time Protocol or PTP) is the emerging standard for providing precise timing and synchronization over packet-based, Ethernet networks. Symmetricom's best-in-class IEEE 1588 solutions address a wide variety of applications ranging from precise carrier class synchronization and precise time stamping to the test and measurement of PTP networks. These solutions enable Symmetricom customers to directly benefit from lower-cost, higher-capacity packet-over-Ethernet network infrastructures without sacrificing precise timing and synchronization requirements.

TimeProvider 5000 for Financial Services  


Gigabit Ethernet IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol Grandmaster

High-speed low-latency trading systems need reliable and precise time synchronization across all related aspects of the trading process. The TimeProvider 5000 features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and high performance PTP Grandmaster operations with line speed packet processing making it an excellent solution for high speed stock trading networks.

NTP Servers

Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Symmetricom offers Network Time Protocol (NTP) time servers that provide accurate, reliable, and secure time synchronization to Enterprise IT and telecommunications networks. Our GPS NTP Network Appliances and Modular NTP Solutions make it easy to manage and monitor time synchronization through workstations, servers and routers, thus assuring the highest integrity and QoE throughout the network.  

GPS Solutions

SAASM GPS Receiver

Symmetricom GPS solutions provide the highest level of time and frequency accuracy with our primary reference sources, time and frequency generators, receivers, and other GPS related instrumentation. Our GPS and time code instrumentation solutions support multiple applications and a wide customer base, from assuring wide availability of precision time and frequency throughout a telecom network to securing critical satellite and ground based instrumentation with the world’s most powerful, accurate and versatile Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) based GPS time and frequency receiver.  

GPS Time & Frequency Receivers

Advanced Timing and Synchronization for Satellite, Ground Based and Broadcast Communications

Symmetricom has been providing timing and synchronization solutions for communications and satellite and ground based instrumentation from the beginning of the GPS program. Our GPS & Time Code Instrumentation provide the precise time and frequency that is crucial to the operation of sophisticated communication systems. Our modular ultra precise time and frequency systems are the most versatile and flexible solutions for timing and synchronization requirements. These systems meet the application needs of broadcast communications and satellite and ground based instrumentation with a variety of hardware and software options.  

Time & Frequency Distribution

Perfect timing. At Symmetricom it’s more than a slogan. Around the world, Symmetricom products provide the accuracy and precision required to set the clocks of the international timescale. That means millions of people depend on our cesium, rubidium, and quartz frequency reference standards to deliver atomic clock accuracy and reliability. Our timing products support the integrity of IT systems of major, multinational companies on every continent, help deploy satellites, aircraft, power stations, and missiles, and assure the performance of critical applications in governments, metrology, and the aerospace industry.  


1U Distribution Solutions

Accurate, centralized reference signals for the communications marketplace  


Symmetricom’s 1U Rack Mount Time & Frequency Distribution units deliver precision reference signals to multiple equipment stations without degrading the signal or creating crosstalk. Paired with used with Symmetricom’s GPS receivers, frequency standards and oscillators, our time and frequency modules effectively distribute signals and generate all rates required by communication systems, satellite earth stations, test facilities and engineering laboratories  


Frequency References

Network Time Servers

The world runs on Symmetricom time

Atomic physics sets the standard for stability, accuracy and range of application in precision frequency reference packages worldwide. Our hydrogen, cesium and rubidium standards, and quartz oscillators support more military communications, satellite ground stations, and test & measurement applications than any other precision frequency references in the world. Our Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC), the world’s smallest atomic reference, achieves historic breakthroughs in size, weight and power consumption.

Advanced research, cutting edge electronics engineering, superior manufacturing, and integrated software design all result in precision frequency standards that deliver exceptional performance and unsurpassed accuracy, stability and reliability in the most challenging environments.  

Cesium Frequency Standard

Dependable, reliable, accurate and stable frequency standards for navigation, communications and timing applications.

Cesium beam frequency and time standard instruments from Symmetricom meet the most stringent requirements demanded by commercial, military and space applications. Our Cesium instruments are built to provide stand-alone dependability, ease of use, and ease of installation. A three decade legacy of reliability makes them the preferred choice in the critical time or frequency systems found in telecommunications timing, calibration and metrology laboratories, satellite tracking stations and spaced-based master time standards.

5071A - Cesium Clock

Accurate, stable, and capable of delivering extremely predictable time and phase for long periods, the 5071A provides master clock integration for telecommunication, satellite communication, navigation systems and metrology and calibration labs.  

Bus Level Timing

Bus Level Timing

Precise, Versatile and Dependable Timing

Symmetricom's time and frequency processor modules provide extremely precise, versatile, and dependable time and frequency reference to the host computer and peripheral systems.

Symmetricom includes all SDKs and Drivers with the cards. This software can be configured within a wide variety of computing environments (including Windows, Solaris, Linux, and more) and meet most interface requirements.

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